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About our School

P.S. 196 Mission

At P.S. 196 we pride ourselves on being a collaborative school, composed of a multicultural population. We believe that all students can meet standards of excellence. Students, parents, staff, administration and the community work together to create the best possible learning environment. Our superior academic program prepares our students to become capable and concerned citizens of the world. Literacy and the arts play a central role in our school. They foster creativity, develop imagination, and inspire innovation. Our goal is to provide maximum educational opportunities for all children. We will strive to improve the quality of teaching and learning while encouraging an understanding of, and respect for the diversity of our school population. We envision a learning environment which nurtures children and maximizes opportunities for individual growth.

P.S. 196 Vision

The vision of Public School 196, the School With a Heart, is to create a nurturing, child-centered learning environment that encourages all students to reach their potential and become caring, independent, creative citizens. Our school community works collaboratively with parents and caregivers to provide the highest quality education so that young minds develop into life-long learners and positive contributors to the society at large.

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