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Parent Coordinator Message

Dear Parents

Parent involvement in a child’s education is so important, especially during the stages of early development. The skills our children develop during their elementary school years will tremendously impact their years of higher learning. Our school is extremely privileged to have parents who are willing and able to partner with us in providing our students with the best education possible. As parents, we are extremely fortunate that our children have such qualified and gifted teachers at P.S. 196. Building, and nurturing, the foundation of skills necessary for our children’s academic success is a task teachers cannot be solely responsible for. Parents know their children best, and my own experiences have proven that our schools are substantially better places when parents become partners in education.

We must motivate more of our parents to join this partnership. Our schools, like our society, have become diverse and multi-cultural. Increasing parent involvement is imperative and can be accomplished by making it easier for those parents whose lack of involvement is due, not to a lack of interest, but to time restrictions, language barriers and other circumstances. Promoting the development of positive, pro-active relationships between teachers and parents not only aids in cultivating a student’s individual strengths, it helps to insure that everyone remains focused on the student.

Throughout the year, you will have opportunities to meet with your child’s teacher, attend informational sessions on teaching approaches and learning materials that we are currently using. In addition, please participate in workshops on topics of special interest that will be planned and announced throughout the school year.

I am available to each and everyone of your to provide information, answer questions, help you access resources to your child and help you resolve issues that you or your child encounter in school. Please feel free to come to school to speak to me or call at 718-263-9770 x.1145 or email me at when you need assistance.

All of us at P.S. 196 are very happy that you and your children are part of our family.

Ellen Maurer
PS196Q Parent Coordinator